Scuba diving in Europe

Scuba diving in EuropeEurope has a brilliant mix of big and small lives. Amazing landscapes, old architecture, small towns, large cities and a colourful history, all enhance the beauty of Europe. While the absolutely amazing landscapes make Europe a desirable place to tour, the continent also provides access to many water bodies. This makes it a go to destination for divers.

Europe offers plenty of diversity in coral beauty, besides having large number of ship wrecks as well. The blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea always offer people with a unique adventure. Tropical locations are generally meant for diving and snorkelling. Here, fishes are colourful and water is warmer. The scenery is always more beautiful and attractive under the Earth than it is on land.

Here are some of the most amazing destinations for scuba diving in Europe.

Medes Island, Spain

Medes Island is an amazing diving site in Spain. If you want to have fun and adventurous scuba diving, this is the best place to be at.

It is located in the north-western part of the Mediterranean Sea, where there are seven islets. An unexplored and unique marine life can be experienced in this island. Prior reservation is needed to visit this island. Summer is the best time of the year to experience scuba diving on this island.

Orkney Island, Scotland

If you are planning to visit the UK, especially the Scapa Flow, make sure that you visit Orkney Islands. There are many wrecks to explore here. There are seven ships that were used by Germans during World War I. These wrecks make this site very popular among the divers.

Scapa Flow offers a diverse marine life. These are visible because of the crystal clear water of the sea. Water temperature is quite moderate for the divers. During the winter season, it is recommended to bring wet suit or dry suit.

Scuba diving

The Blue Hole & Azure Window, Gozo

It is among the best diving sites in Europe. Great swim troughs, Damsels, schools of bream, Moray eels and parrot fish passing by, make this place an absolute attraction for the divers.

The Blue Hole is the entering point and the wall through the Azure Window is the exit point. The wall terraces and rocky formations allow for great dive at any depth of water.

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Scuba diving in Lofoten is really amazing. It is absolutely a must-visit diving place for all divers, who are taking a vacation in Norway. There are many things to discover and explore, like large formations of kelps, different species of fish and old wrecks. Sometimes killer whales visit the surface of the water.

Kilkee, Ireland

Kilkee, located in the coastal town of County Clare in Ireland, is another great place for divers. It is known as the best dive location in Ireland.

The underwater world has some of the most amazing flora and fauna. Schools of mackerel and wrasse make it an amazing diving location. Old shipwrecks are also there to explore. Kilkee offers divers the opportunity to experience diving with dolphins too.

Thus, to experience some adventurous scuba diving, Europe surely has some amazing places. All the above mentioned diving locations will help you to have a memorable underwater exploration, and you can experience an unexplored part of marine life as well.

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