About Us

The Tobermory Maritime Association was formed in 1998 with the objective of promoting tourism and enhancing scuba diving opportunities in the Tobermory Area.

Our first project involved the purchase, cleaning and sinking of the Niagara II. Read more about this project and view pictures of the sinking as well as current photos in other sections of this web site.

With the completion of the Niagara II project and we are now turning our primary attention to future initiatives. Some of our current plans include:

  • Conceptual planning for future major dive site development.
  • Discussions with Parks Canada regarding the establishment of additional dive sites within the Park.
  • Interfacing with Parks Canada on issues such as the location of the Diver Registration Centre to ensure that the best interests of divers are served.
  • Designing, placing and maintaining moorings at dive sites beyond the Fathom Five Park boundary

We encourage you not only to enjoy this site but to join us in Tobermory and participate in some of the best diving in Canada. After all, we are known as the “Scuba Diving Capital”! We also invite you to Join the Tobermory Maritime and work with us to develop new and exciting dive opportunities.